Empire Express 2.1 now available

Haddon Software is pleased to announce the release of version 2.1 of Empire Express. The major focus of this release has been Catalog updates and bug fixes. 

New lines of track added to Catalog

By popular demand, we’ve added the following lines of track to the Catalog:

  • Bachmann HO E-Z Track
  • Micro Engineering HO
  • Micro Engineering HOn3
  • Micro Engineering N
  • Micro Engineering On30
  • Micro-Trains Z Micro-Track
  • Peco HOn3
  • Peco HOn30 (OO-9)
  • Peco On30

Existing track updated

And we’ve updated some existing Catalog pages to include new track and fix minor issues:

  • Atlas HO Code 83
  • Atlas HO Code 100
  • Atlas N Code 55
  • Atlas N Code 80
  • Kato N Unitrack including super-elevated and street track
  • LGB G
  • Lionel O FasTrack
  • Peco HO Code 75
  • Peco HO Code 83 (North American)
  • Peco N Code 55
  • Peco N Code 80

Bug fixes

The picture pasting issue with more recent versions of OS X has been fixed. Empire Express is now “signed” so you’ll no longer have problems opening it for the first time.

And while we were at it we threw in one frequently-requested feature: object locking.

Free update for Empire Express 2.0

Empire Express 2.1 is a free update for registered users of 2.0 and is available now to download.

Design your model railroad with Empire Express

Design your model railroad layout with Empire Express, the easy-to-use model railroad design software for the Macintosh. Here is what our customers are saying about Empire Express:

"Thanks for developing such an excellent product - powerful and easy to use. Even at twice the price this software would still be a great value." - Seth Ginsberg

"You have a great product and great customer service!" - Bruce Adams

"You have an excellent product at a very reasonable price." - Larry Atkin

"I have several CAD programs I run on my Mac... the software I use the most is [Empire Express]... very easy to learn... I designed a 16 X 16 ft double deck layout with it without a problem..." - Roger Nickell

For more information see the Empire Express page or download it now to try it in demo mode. 

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