Empire Express is Monterey Compatible

December 2021 - Empire Express is compatible with Apples latest macOS Monterey. Just be sure you have the latest version of Empire Express, version 2.3.1. We’ve found one minor cosmetic issue (see the article below), but it works as well as ever.

If you have one of the new Macs with Apple’s M1 chip, Empire Express will run fine on it as well. We expect to have a version optimized for the M1 sometime in 2022.

Other layout design programs for the Mac have come and gone, but Empire Express has continued on for over 20 years. Originally running on Mac OS 7, it’s been regularly updated to stay compatible with macOS. We plan to continue to keep Empire Express compatible with the newest version of macOS.

Document icon issue with Big Sur and Monterey

There is one minor cosmetic issue with Big Sur and Monterey. The Finder does not display the icons correctly for some Empire Express documents. Your documents may look like one of these two examples:

If you open one of these documents using the Finder, it will still open correctly in Empire Express. To fix this issue you can rename the document to add “.eemr” (without the quotes) to the end of the document name. If you want, you can also use the Finder’s Get Info command to hide the extension “.eemr".

Design your model railroad with Empire Express

Design your model railroad layout with Empire Express, the easy-to-use model railroad design software for the Mac. Here is what our customers are saying about Empire Express:

"Thanks for developing such an excellent product - powerful and easy to use. Even at twice the price this software would still be a great value." - Seth Ginsberg

"You have a great product and great customer service!" - Bruce Adams

"You have an excellent product at a very reasonable price." - Larry Atkin

"I have several CAD programs I run on my Mac... the software I use the most is [Empire Express]... very easy to learn... I designed a 16 X 16 ft double deck layout with it without a problem..." - Roger Nickell

For more information see the Empire Express page

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