Privacy Policy

Data We Collect

When you purchase our software from the Apple App Store, we do not receive any of your personal information. If you purchased our software from Kagi, we received your name, postal address, email address and method of payment, but not your credit card number. 

Our software does not collect or transmit data from your computer to us.

If you choose to contact us via email or one of our web forms, we will record your name and email address and any other information you choose to provide.

If you send a document to us or post it publicly on the Internet, it may contain your personal information but it will only contain the information that you’ve entered within the document and is visible to you. No personal information is hidden within documents.

Finally, if you choose to share crash data with developers, we will receive data about crashes of our software and your computer operating system and hardware, but the data will be anonymous and will not contain any personal information.

How We Use Your Data

We will use your contact information to answer your questions and help you resolve problems. We may also occasionally use it to send you information about new releases of the software youve purchased or asked about. 

If you purchased our software from Kagi we may use your purchase information to provide you with your registration code in case you’ve lost it.

How We Share Your Data

We care about your privacy and will not share your personal information with others outside of Haddon Software unless required by law.

How We Protect Your Data

Your data is stored on encrypted media and protected by password.

How Long We Keep Your Data

In order to provide the best customer service, we normally retain your data, when we have it, for an unlimited amount of time. If you no longer wish to receive email from us or if you wish us to delete your data, contact us via our contact page.

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